Genuine Infiniti QX80 Wireless Charger

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1 Genuine Infiniti QX80 Wireless Charger found

  • Infiniti QX80 Wireless Charger - 999F7-V4000
    Infiniti QX80 Wireless Charging
    Part Number: 999F7-V4000
    Other Name: Wireless Charging Kit
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    Fits the following Infiniti Models

    • 2018-2019 Infiniti QX80
    • This Wireless Charging allows you to charge your smartphone without plugging it in. It fits nicely inside the console or armrest of your vehicle, allowing you to maintain a full charge while streaming audio via Bluetooth or making calls through SYNC.To use this feature, your mobile device must be Qi enabled. Some devices are Qi enabled from the manufacturer, others will need a back cover, other aftermarket sleeve or an adapter. These can be obtained from your mobile device supplier, or an online or local electronics retailer.
    • may require Accy Service Connector T99F6-4RA0A if not already installed on vehicle
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