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Unveiled at the 2008 Geneva Motor Show, the 2009 Infiniti FX introduced significant updates to its previous models. The FX35 retained the VQ35HR V6 engine, while the V8 model was renamed the FX50, signifying its new 5.0-liter VK50VE V8 engine that could generate 390 horsepower and 369 lb-ft of torque. Notably, the FX50 could accelerate from 0-60 mph in just 4.8 seconds and cover a quarter-mile in 13.6 seconds, outperforming a 2009 Mustang GT. These performance metrics were aided by a seven-speed automatic transmission and an All-Wheel Drive system that provided maximum traction by distributing power equally to front and rear wheels at start, and could transfer up to 100% of power to the rear wheels if needed. The FX50 also boasted 21-inch Enkei wheels, downshift rev-matching, magnesium column-mounted paddle shifters, and rear active steer. The exterior design retained the original generation's "Bionic Cheetah" and "giant scarab" elements, but was updated with longer sculpted headlights, a large dark-chrome wave-filled grille, and side air vents. The FX50 also introduced an improved front suspension similar to the G37 and EX35 models, featuring new upper and lower A-arms designed for better control of wheel motion. Furthermore, the body was designed to be 1.6 times more rigid and 3.4 times more resistant to bending than the previous model, enhancing vehicle stability and performance.

Like all vehicles, the Infiniti FX50 is not immune to wear and tear as mileage increases, leading to issues like engine problems and suspension and braking failures. Engine problems, marked by reduced performance and overheating, often manifest in increased oil consumption, starting difficulties, hesitant acceleration, and leaking coolant, which is often signaled by an illuminated Low Coolant Light. These symptoms necessitate checking the FX50 camshaft position sensor, radiator hose, thermostat, and thermostat gasket. Suspension issues can cause the steering to vibrate, making the vehicle harder to control and leading to directional pulling. Unwanted clunking noises are often due to a faulty FX50 control arm. Brake failures are typically linked to the FX50 brake pad set. Additionally, don't overlook parts like the trunk latch, which ensures the security of your belongings in the trunk. If the trunk doesn't lock or is stuck closed, consider replacing the FX50 trunk latch. Similarly, the wiper blade is crucial for driving safety, clearing debris from the windscreen. If you observe streaking on the windscreen or hear screeching sounds when it operates, immediate replacement is recommended.

Opting for OEM items can result in long-term savings on upkeep and repairs, as they provide the utmost durability due to their stringent manufacturing procedures. If you need any OEM Infiniti FX50 parts, including Seat & Seat Belt, Body (Back Door & Rear Body), feel free to choose them out of our huge selection of genuine FX50 parts. All our parts are offered at unbeatable prices and are supported by the manufacturer's warranty. In addition, we offer quick shipping to have your parts delivered to your door step in a matter of days.