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The Infiniti JX35, a luxury crossover SUV with seven seats, was manufactured by Infiniti, a division of Nissan, between 2012 and 2013. Despite only being produced for a single year, the JX35 holds a significant place in the company's history, ultimately paving the way for the QX60. The JX35 stands out with its standard features like anti-lock brakes and a stability control system, and impressive braking capabilities, halting from 60 mph within 117 feet. Additional features include Connections' telematics services, providing automatic alerts about accidents, speed limits, and geo-fencing. The JX35 also boasts optional parts such as a sophisticated parking system and systems designed to automatically avoid front and rear collisions. Infiniti built the JX35 with family needs in mind, emphasizing a smooth ride, comprehensive safety features, and stylish mobility. It diverges from the traditional performance-focused mold, instead prioritizing comfort and ease of use. Powered by a 3.5-liter V6 engine delivering 265 horsepower and 248 lb-ft of torque, and equipped with a continuously controlled CVT, it offers efficient and balanced driving. Special attention is paid to passenger comfort, with the second-row seats adjustable for easy third-row access and the inclusion of adjustable headrests. Infiniti's JX35 also stands out in terms of interior luxury, featuring a blend of leather, wood, and metal elements, with the elegant center and rear consoles reminiscent of the M sedan. The electronic interface, one of the best globally, combines physical buttons, a touchscreen, and rotary knobs for optimal usability, while an overview camera aids in parking situations. Overall, the JX35 is an epitome of comfort, style, and safety in a family-friendly luxury SUV package.

The Infiniti JX35, also known as the QX60, can encounter several common issues during its lifespan. The first of these is premature braking system failure. Owners have reported noisy brakes and poor brake response after a certain mileage, along with pulsating brake pedals. If score marks are observed on the brake rotors, it's crucial to inspect the JX35 brake disc and brake pad set. The vehicle may also experience suspension, steering, and engine failures periodically. Symptoms of suspension failure include clunking or rattling sounds from the tire area, uneven tire wear, sluggish handling, and loose steering, often resulting from a damaged JX35 sway bar link or sway bar bushing. Steering issues can typically be addressed by replacing the JX tie rod end. Engine failure is usually due to a defective JX rod bearing, with unusual noises and an illuminated oil light being clear signs of the problem. Modern vehicles like the JX35 contain several electrical parts, some of which are prone to failure. For instance, the speed sensor, which could cause harsh or improper shifting and a malfunctioning cruise control, may need replacement. The door lock actuator and cylinder, crucial for security, should be maintained regularly, while the headlights and fog lights require routine care for safe driving under adverse conditions.

When it comes to top-class quality and functionality, original equipment manufacturer parts are without doubt the only choice. They undergo strict quality checks and are built to Infiniti's factory specifications for easy installation. If you are in demand for superior quality and affordable OEM Infiniti JX35 parts, like Seat & Seat Belt, Body (Back Door & Rear Body), then shop with us! We own a wide range of the reduced-priced genuine Infiniti JX35 parts. You can purchase in confidence as all parts come with a manufacturer's warranty. Any issues with our products? No need to worry as we have a hassle-free return policy to guide you every step of the way.