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The Infiniti M30 is a front-engine and rear-wheel-drive vehicle. The wheelbase of the car is 2,616 mm (103.0 in). The second generation M30 is extended in its wheelbase and was equipped with a cable-type speedometer that is made electric. While providing a more comfortable experience for users, efforts have been made to switch fuel and coolant temperature gauge parts. All 1992 models have added a central locking switch next to the Sonar Suspension II selector. The M30 gains power from Nissan's 3.0 VG30E V6 engine parts, producing 162 hp (121 kW; 164 PS) at 6000 rpm, and 180 lb. ft. (244 Nm) of torque at 3500 rpm equipped with a Jatco RE4R01A 4-speed automatic transmission. The M30 was only offered with the SOHC VG30E. Infiniti sells the car as a luxury sports coupe, but its relatively low power output and the absence of a manual transmission have damaged its performance. Drivers can choose between Comfort (soft) and Sport (firm) suspension modes by pressing a center console-mounted switch. It is still a car that enjoys a great reputation on the road, has shown high safety, and gets 4 stars in the side-impact and frontal crash tests. The appearance of the car is very smooth and shows a sense of fashion and unique design. It is a reliable brand for its excellent performance and high comfort in its interior. It boasts long-lasting staying power with refined parts. The drivers and passengers will all enjoy the smooth ride delivered by this luxury vehicle.

The Infiniti M30 can encounter several issues during its lifespan. Engine failure is a common concern, often evidenced by vibrations, misaligned timing marks, a separated harmonic balancer, and loud knocking sounds. Reduced engine performance, rough running, and occasional backfires or misfires are additional indicators. Checking the M30 crankshaft pulley, power transistor, and crankshaft gear can help avoid these symptoms. Steering and cooling issues are also reported, with steering problems manifesting as a difficult-to-turn wheel, dripping power steering fluid, and sudden drops in fluid levels. A new M30 power steering hose may be needed in these cases. Cooling issues, particularly serious due to potential engine damage, often involve engine overheating from coolant leaks and frequent coolant additions as signaled by the Low Coolant Light. A well-maintained M30 radiator hose is crucial to prevent these issues. Additionally, routine maintenance should be prioritized for certain vulnerable parts, such as the wiper blade which should be replaced annually in sunny regions or semi-annually in humid areas due to its exposure to harsh conditions. If washer fluid is not spraying evenly or not at all on the windshield, replacing the M30 washer pump is recommended.

In terms of quality, OEM parts are the wise choice for Infiniti owners who want to keep their vehicles at peak performance. They are manufactured to follow official strict factory specifications and are made in world-class facilities. They undergo rigorous tests to ensure that they are durable and safe to use. If you're thinking about purchasing OEM parts, like Seat & Seat Belt for your M30, our website is your one-stop destination. We stock an extensive selection of genuine Infiniti M30 parts at pocket-friendly prices. Plus, we guarantee a swift delivery and a hassle-free return policy for your convenience.