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    When it comes to new Infiniti M30 OEM parts at the lowest prices, we've been the top choice for decades. Our complete online catalog covers all genuine Infiniti M30 parts. All parts are backed by the manufacturer's warranty and shipped directly from Infiniti dealers. No matter where you are in the country, your M30 car parts will arrive fast, cheap, and hassle-free.

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About Infiniti M30

Infiniti M30 is a 2-door Grand Touring Coupe manufactured by the Japanese automaker Infiniti division of Nissan from 1989 to 1992. The first Infiniti M30 was introduced in 1989 basically as a Nissan Leopard. It could be also seen as the first generation Infiniti M. The Infiniti M30 was under the chassis code F31 and was only sold in the United States as a 2-door convertible and a 2-door coupe.
When Infiniti M30 was first introduced into United States, it was available in M30 coupe and M30 convertible as a front-engine and rear-wheel drive vehicle. Infiniti M30 was powered by only one engine - the 3.0 L Nissan's VG30E V6 engine that could produce 162 horsepower and 180 pound-feet of torque. And this engine was mated to the Nissan's RE4R01A 4-speed automatic transmission. The Infiniti M30 was finally replaced by the Infiniti J30, a mid-size 4-door sedan in 1992.

Infiniti M30 Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

Nothing can beat the nature law without exception for your Infiniti M30. As time passes by, it would definitely wear and tear. If you want your Infiniti M30 serve you for a longer time, you should know how to diagnose and solve common problems on it:
First, engine failure. Normally speaking, engine failure can be seen as the omen that your vehicle is failing as well. Infiniti M30 drivers told that the engine would vibrate and the timing marks became misaligned and the harmonic balancer became separated. What's more, loud knocking sound coming from the engine would distract drivers' attention while driving. And the engine performance reduced and run roughly even did not run at all. Sometimes, the engine would backfire or misfire halfway, which is also a very troublesome problem especially for those who are in a hurry. In order not to encounter above symptoms while driving, you had better make sure that your M30 crankshaft pulley, M30 power transistor and M30 crankshaft gear are working properly.
Second, steering and cooling issues. According to Infiniti M30 owners, steering issue in the vehicle would manifest as steering wheel becomes difficult to turn, power steering fluid dripping from the vehicle and a sudden drop in fluid levels. If your Infiniti M30 is also suffering from these symptoms, you should get a new M30 power steering hose. As for cooling issue, it is a rather serious problem that would impair engine as well. Generally speaking, specific symptoms include engine overheating caused by leaking coolant, which also pushes drivers to add coolants more often as the Low Coolant Light is also warning them to do so. If your Infiniti M30 is meant to enjoy a long lifespan, then you could not let your M30 radiator hose damage or collapse.
However, apart from above mentioned auto parts, in your Infiniti M30, you have to keep a close eye on some vulnerable auto parts. You may have already known the importance of routine maintenance, some auto parts then need more than routine maintenance. Wiper blade is responsible for sweeping off raindrops, dust and debris on the windscreen so that driving vision won't get blocked, but it usually works under harsh and open environment. So you had better replace it once a year in sunny regions and half a year in humid areas. An essential part for proper operated wiper blade is the washer pump. Once the washer fluid does not spray evenly or no fluid spraying onto the windshield, please get your M30 washer pump replaced as well.
For your Infiniti M30, you should choose the best to lengthen its life expectancy. That is why you should go for OEM Infiniti M30 auto parts as they would not only fit your M30 perfectly but also restore your M30 to the fullest potential. Our website happens to own a broad selection of genuine Infiniti M30 auto parts at the lowest price. Backed by the manufacturer's warranty, these OEM M30 parts also get favored by our hassle-free return policy and fastest delivery service.