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As one of two debut cars for Infiniti American introduction for 1990 and the first rear-wheel-drive luxury car from a Japanese automaker to directly compete against European sports sedans, the Infiniti Q45 was a sedan of firsts for Infiniti. Now, the Q45 is still worth a look, especially for shoppers interested in an alternative to the luxury status quo since it boasted elegant and spacious interior, a long list of standard luxury features, strong V8 engines, excellent value and great OEM Infiniti Q45 accessories.
People may distinguish the vehicle from others according to the unique features of the Infiniti Q45 accessories and most of them only look the accessories as fancy add-ons without any practical use. In fact, beyond your stereotype, they have many roles in the vehicle. You can get it from the Q45 first aid kit and seat belt extender of the interior accessories and the Q45 wheel locks in the exterior accessories. The significance of the Q45 first aid kit will not show under normal condition but once you encounter a car accident or have an urgent situation, it even becomes your life saver. Moreover, people use seat belt to prevent the second hurt during car accident but for those who otherwise can't buckle up, including some larger people, people with a limited range of motion, people with medical conditions, people who wear utility belts with a lot of equipment like law enforcement officers and first responders, the Q45 seat belt extender is more suitable. You also need the protection from the Q45 wheel locks when parking on the street or public parking lot.
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