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About Infiniti Q45

Infiniti Q45 is a full-size luxury vehicle manufactured by the Japanese automaker Infiniti division of Nissan from August 1989 to 2006. The first Infiniti Q45 was introduced in 1989 as a 1990 model. As a distinctive vehicle with excellent styling, Infiniti Q45 has won many praises from authorities such as Car and Driver, Edmunds and Consumer Guide and so on. Before the last Infiniti Q45 exported to the United States, Infiniti Q45 has been produced through three generations.
The second generation Infiniti Q45 (FY33, FGY 33; 1996-2000) was introduce in North America in 1996. During this generation, Japanese version Nissan Infiniti Q45 was replaced by the Nissan Cima. Infiniti Q45 then was built at the same platform as the Nissan Cedric and Nissan Gloria. There were base Infiniti Q45 and 2000 Q45 Anniversary Edition trim levels available for Infiniti Q45. It then was powered by a 4.1 L V8 engine that could produce 266 horsepower. And this engine was mated to a 4-speed automatic transmission with manual shift. Then the second generation Infiniti Q45 (2001-2006) was built based on the Q45 concept vehicle that was unveiled at 2000 New York Auto Show. It focused on performance and got a new 4.5 L V8 engine, which could produce 340 horsepower. And Infiniti Q45 also featured a new 5-speed automatic transmission.

Infiniti Q45 Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

Even as a luxury vehicle, Infiniti Q45 may be equipped with many advanced and excellent auto parts. However, any auto parts would wear and tear as time passes by without exception for Infiniti Q45 auto parts. You would like to know about what consequences would bring once these auto parts are worn out:
First, Check Engine Light stays on. This is the top problem about Infiniti Q45. Infiniti Q45 owners described not only the continuous illuminated Check Engine Light troubled them a lot while driving, other problems related with the engine also are very serious. They told that the engine would make scrannel squealing noises, and a decrease in power, acceleration, and fuel economy even engine performance would lower the quality of the whole vehicle. Engine overheating caused by constant leaking coolant is another issue. If your Infiniti Q45 refuses to experience all these, then you should make sure the Q45 rod bearing, Q45 intake manifold gasket, Q45 radiator and Q45 drive belt in a good order.
Second, suspension failure. Many Infiniti Q45 owners without any mechanics knowledge background would not be familiar with this problem. But I am sure that the symptoms of suspension failure won't be strange to you. If your Infiniti Q45 has abnormal tire wear, which is the front brakes and tires wear more severely; what's more, you can hear a clunk every time you go from drive to reverse or you feel vibration on the steering wheel. Then the Q45 coil springs, Q45 wheel bearing, Q45 radius arm bushing and the Q45 control arm really should get checked.
While apart from above two common problems, other problems are also very common on Infiniti Q45. For example, the steering system would work strangely as the tie rod end is failing. What's more, some electrical parts in Infiniti Q45 are also very easy to go wrong due to being exposed to repeated usages for too long, so the Q45 window regulator, Q45 power steering pressure switch and Q45 fuel pressure regulator and so on need to be maintained regularly as well.
If you can get brand new and inexpensive OEM parts for your Infiniti Q45, then you won't put any aftermarket parts into consideration while choosing new auto parts. Because compared to aftermarket parts, OEM Infiniti Q45 auto parts would have greater assurance in quality, reliability and durability. Good news for you is that we offer all genuine Infiniti Q45 auto parts at the lowest price in the market. Backed by the manufacturer's warranty, our OEM Q45 parts are also favored by the hassle-free return policy and fastest delivery service.