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The Infiniti Q45, a luxury sedan produced by Nissan's Infiniti division, has played a significant role in establishing Infiniti as a renowned luxury brand in the US market. The Q45 spanned three generations from 1989 to 2006. Debuting in 1989 as a 1990 model, the first-generation Q45 featured a potent 4.5-liter V8 engine with 278 hp and 292 lb-ft of torque and a multilink suspension system. Offered in three trims - base, Q45t, and Q45a - the latter two had additional features like multilink front and rear suspension and rear brake calipers. The second-generation Q45 adopted the Cedric/Gloria platform with some cosmetic changes and additional features like HID headlights and an analog clock. The 2000 Q45 Anniversary Edition represented the pinnacle of luxury in the second generation. A total revamp was seen in 2002, with the Q45 getting a new 4.5L VK45DE V8 engine that produced 340 horsepower, along with a five-speed automatic transmission and an overdrive gear. The interiors were luxuriously leather-clad, with features like a power sunroof, eight-way adjustable front seats, rain-sensing windshield wipers, and side curtain airbags, elevating the vehicle's comfort and safety. The Q45's focus on performance and luxury makes it a noteworthy offering in Infiniti's lineup.

Despite being a luxury vehicle with advanced auto parts, the Infiniti Q45 isn't exempt from common wear and tear issues. One prominent problem is the persistent illumination of the Check Engine Light, often accompanied by engine issues such as squealing noises, decreased power, acceleration, and fuel economy, and engine overheating due to constant coolant leakage. Regular checks on the Q45 rod bearing, intake manifold gasket, radiator, and drive belt are suggested to maintain good engine health. Suspension failure, although unfamiliar to some Q45 owners, can be identified through symptoms like abnormal tire wear, more severe in front brakes and tires, clunking noises when shifting from drive to reverse, and steering wheel vibrations. Inspection of the Q45 coil springs, wheel bearing, radius arm bushing, and control arm is crucial to address these issues. Additionally, the steering system can malfunction due to failing tie rod ends, and electrical parts, subjected to repeated usage, might also fail. Regular maintenance of the Q45 window regulator, power steering pressure switch, and fuel pressure regulator is thus necessary to ensure a smooth ride.

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