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The Infiniti QX30 is a subcompact luxury crossover SUV that was produced from 2016 to mid-2019. It was 4,425 mm long, and 1,815 mm wide. It included redesigned front and rear bumpers, and grained side sills, a taller ride height, and increased cargo capacity. The Infiniti QX30 had a Touch infotainment system, traction and stability control, and antilock brakes. It also provided optional safety items for Premium and Sport models such as blind-spot monitoring, and a 360-degree parking camera system. Its electric power-assist steering is direct and keeps low-speed maneuvering simple. It installed a turbocharged four-cylinder engine. The interior had many upscale materials including comfortable sitting in the front seats. Interior controls are easy to locate and use. The last model-2019 Q30 had strong acceleration and sharp handling. The standard forward collision mitigation was available on all trims, and the panoramic sunroofs became standard items. It was equipped with a 10-speaker Bose sound system and had pretty good storage for small, loose items, but there wasn't much storage beyond that in the side pockets. It provided four trim levels: Pure, Luxe, Sport, and Essential.

Although the Infiniti QX30 is lauded for its easy maneuverability, high-quality interior, and multiple driver assistance features, it's important to be aware of its common issues, such as engine failure and suspension problems. Engine failure, an inevitable concern as the vehicle ages, can be indicated by strange engine noises, leaks of coolant and oil, performance issues like hard starting or power loss during acceleration, poor fuel economy, and activation of the Check Engine Light. In such cases, components like the QX30 camshaft position sensor, radiator hose, intake manifold gasket, fuel tank, air filter, and oil filter might require replacement. Suspension failure is another frequent problem that can lead to an unsteady and unpleasant ride, often mistaken for tire wear. This issue is typically signaled by clunking or rattling noises from the tire area, uneven tire wear leading to a tilted vehicle, and a vibrating and loose steering wheel, suggesting potential issues with the QX30 control arm, wheel bearing, coil springs, and sway bar link. Besides these common problems, other parts like the windshield wiper and wiper blade, which work under harsh weather conditions, and the QX30 cabin air filter, fog light, headlight, seat belt, and antenna should be maintained regularly to ensure a safe and comfortable ride.

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