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The Infiniti G35, a member of Infiniti's G series of compact executive cars, represents the third and fourth generations of the lineup. Launched in North America in 2001 and built in 2002, the G35's name choice was influenced by its phonetic similarity to the letter J, differentiating it from the Infiniti J30. The G35 was constructed on Nissan's FM (Front Midship) platform, which relocated the engine towards the rear of the engine bay for improved weight distribution. This model became a strong contender in the luxury car segment, earning the North American Car of the Year Award and being named to Car and Driver's Ten Best list in 2003 and 2004. Equipped with the robust 3.5L VQ35DE engine, it delivered power outputs of 194, 210, or 220kW, depending on configuration, and was offered with either a 5-speed RE5R05A JATCO automatic or a 6-speed manual transmission. In 2005 and 2006, the G35 sedan and coupe underwent significant upgrades, including enhanced brake systems and an improved "Rev-up" engine. Features such as Bluetooth were added in 2006 for added convenience. In 2007, the G35 received another major overhaul with a more powerful engine and quicker acceleration, although fuel economy remained constant. However, the G35 design was discontinued in 2008, paving the way for its successor, the G37. In summary, the Infiniti G35, with its blend of performance and luxury, played a significant role in Infiniti's G series lineup.

Like all things, the Infiniti G35 is subject to wear and tear over time. To extend its life, early diagnosis and resolution of issues is key. Notable issues reported by G35 owners include premature wear of brakes and rotors. By around 10,000 miles, brake pedals may become difficult to press and vibrate, while brakes might respond poorly and emit noise. In such instances, the G35 brake fluid pump, brake pad set, and brake dust shields should be inspected. Furthermore, failures in the suspension and transmission systems are common. Symptoms include a vibrating steering wheel, pulling to one side, unusual tire noises, and irregular bouncing. If experienced, the control arm, steering knuckle, wheel bearing, coil springs, and sway bar link should be checked. Transmission failure is often due to a faulty valve body or transmission. Apart from these, certain electrical and engine parts need careful maintenance. Issues such as unusual door noises or erratic power door locks might indicate a faulty G35 door lock actuator. Components influencing engine performance, like the camshaft position sensor, radiator hose, timing cover, engine control module, and intake manifold gasket, are critical to the vehicle's lifespan and need consistent attention.

Directly from Infiniti, genuine parts are superb with regards to quality, longevity, and fit. Every single part passed stringent quality testing, so you can be sure that it's safe, durable, and built to perform like your original parts. We are devoted to providing the budget-priced OEM Infiniti G35 parts, including Seat & Seat Belt for customers worldwide. If you want to get affordable and perfectly fitted as well as superior quality parts, feel free to choose from our largest selection of genuine Infiniti G35 parts that come with the manufacturer's warranty. Order now and you can get them at your door within a matter of days due to our fast shipping times.

Infiniti G35 Parts Questions & Answers

  • Q: How to Replace the Air Intake Duct Assembly and Air Filter Housing in Infiniti G35?
    A: To replace the Air Duct assembly, remove the engine cover, loosen hose clamps, and remove the first Air Duct. Disconnect the PCV fresh air inlet hose from the resonator, then remove the second Air Duct and resonator. For 2003-2006 350Z models, remove the engine cover, disconnect the PCV hose, and remove the Air Duct. Inspect the duct's condition. To replace the Air Filter Box, disconnect the Air Duct and the MAF/IAT sensor's electrical connector, then remove the housing. For 2007-2008 G35 Sedans and 350Z models, follow the same steps, but also loosen the hose clamp screws at the MAF/IAT sensor and throttle body. To reinstall, switch the removal steps going from the last step to the first step.
  • Q: What Should You Do Before Concluding That the Thermostat Is Responsible for a Cooling System Issue?
    A: To replace the thermostat, remove the engine cover, air filter housing, and coolant reservoir. Next, remove the intake valve timing control cover, detach the hose from the thermostat housing, and clean all surface areas. After removing the components, place a new gasket, and refill the cooling system. After completing the replacement steps your vehicle should run properly.
  • Q: What Are the Signs of Water Pump Failure and What Checks Can Be Done Before Deciding to Remove It?
    A: A failure in the water pump can cause serious engine damage due to overheating. Checking the water pump is limited because of where it is located, but some basic checks can be made before deciding to remove the water pump. Signs of water pump failure include the heater not working, play at the pump shaft, and coolant in the engine oil.